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Sigita Jonynaitė

Sigita Jonynaitė started her musical career at M.K.Čiurlionis Gymnasium of Arts, playing violin. Later she graduated vocal and popular music specialty in Vilnius College.

She has always been active in various music projects like Star Mix Band, White Coffee, Origami, Fizz Superstar, Dream Catcher, Kiosk I, Marijonas Mikutavičius Band, Kielwater, Pink Floyd Tribute LT, The HardEezy, Country Live Project, Siga & Rob Acoustic Duo.

In 2005, Sigita took second place at the International Jazz Voice Competition "Jazz Voices 2005".

In 2006, she released a joint album with Mr. P "Autumn Legends" and recorded the song "It's Me" with famous Lithuanian singer and songwriter Vytautas Kernagis.

In 2009, Sigita became a vocal of a progressive metal band "Kielwater". They have released their album Flirting With Disaster in 2012.

Since 2013, she has been the voice of animated films in Lithuanian like Bremen’s Musicians and many others.

In 2017 she has joined the band "Žalvarinis".


Sigita & Vytautas Kernagis - "It‘s Me"2006


Sigita & Mr.P "Autumn Legends" 2006


"Kielwater" 2012 "Flirting With Disaster"


Sigita - "You" 2012


Sigita - "Old violin"


Sigita - "Will You keep my love" 2014