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Newest album:


The latest album “TEKA” has been released in February, 2016. It is the fifth album of the band. And it is like a musical river flowing through the past and present to the future. The album is full of rock rhythms, world, blues and even country colors. Unlike previous albums based on old traditional Lithuanian […]


“Mūsų naktys” music video

“Musu naktys” (“Our nights”) is an animated video for the song from the latest “ZALVARINIS” album called “Teka” which was released in 2016. The song is about the shortest...

ŽALVARINIS iškeliauja į Čikagą!

Žymiausia Lietuvos FOLK-ROKO grupė “ŽALVARINIS” pirmą kartą Amerikoje!Tiems, kas šių neeilinės muzikos virtuozų dar nepažįstate galim pažadėt, kad jų kuriamos dainos palies visų tautybių klausytojų širdis!Naują, specialiai šiam koncertui...


ZALVARINIS is the best known Lithuanian folk-rock band. Sharp guitar riffs, rock pulsation, folklore and it’s interpretations, also synthesis of contemporary styles of music as rock, blues, and world music creates an unforgettable, powerful explosive musical mix. The band formed in 2001, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Members of the band have changed over time, but the key members remained. Now the band consists of two members: Ineta Meduneckytė and Robert Semeniuk, who is also an arranger, composer, the ideological leader of the band.

Group energy, rock and roll and blues groove is the reason why the band appears in various rock music festivals not only in Lithuania, but…

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